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Kentucky requires auto insurance to operate vehicles

In Kentucky, auto insurance is required to operate a motor vehicle. Any person operating a motor vehicle is required to carry at least the minimum liability limits on their policy. Drivers that cannot prove that they carry insurance could face a fine at minimum and a potential loss of their driving privileges and license plates. Drivers must present prove of Kentucky auto insurance when registering their vehicle each year as well. . Failure to pay the premiums will result in a lapse in coverage, and fines if caught driving without insurance coverage. Drivers should keep their proof of Kentucky auto insurance in their vehicles at all times to avoid having to pay either steep fines or the hassle of having to prove that they had insurance at the time of a citation or accident. Kentucky auto insurance laws require coverage of any motor vehicle, so when renting a car it is wise to make sure that either your Kentucky auto insurance carrier or credit card company covers vehicle rentals.

Kentucky auto insurance companies use a person's credit history and driving record to determine the premiums, which must be paid. A driver in the household may be excluded from the policy if the policyholder wishes to exclude anyone. Insurance companies offer a wide variety of discounts as well, such as safe driver discounts and some offer students discounts for good grades.

Kentucky auto insurance liability minimum limits are either a single-limit plan that covers up to 60,000 per accident. Otherwise, the minimum required insurance coverage is 25,000 per person injured, 50,000 total bodily injury coverage and 10,000 in property damage. This does not include uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, which can be purchased for an additional fee. If additional personal injury coverage is wanted, Personal Injury Protection insurance can be added to the policy as well.

Drivers in Kentucky benefit from the Kentucky auto insurance requirements if they are involved in a motor vehicle accident. The other driver's insurance should cover any damages, at least up to the limits. This protects the other motorists in the event of an accident.

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